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You might think of your computer as a cool device that allows you to do your internet shopping, chat to your friends on Facebook, but really, behind all that, it’s a general-purpose number crunching machine that executes a set of prewritten instructions which when put together, is called a computer program.

Conventional computers store numbers in memory and uses those stored numbers to perform simple calculations such as addition and subtraction.

Amazing as they are, a computer is just a calculator that uses just two states ('on' - 1 and 'off' - 0) to make sense of the world, make decisions, calculate and execute a number of predetermined instructions.

Quantum computers take the capabilities of classical computers to the next level.

In terms of calculations, computers calculate using circuits known as logic gates, which themselves are made up of a number of transistors connected together.

They're millions of times faster than even the most powerful super computers, but the concepts behind them are complicated. Compared to 50 years ago, the computing power that we have available to us at our fingertips is astonishing.

There’s more number crunching power in our smartphones than there were in military computers back then.

This article begins with a brief history of the use of fog streams in structure fire attack.

I obtained much of this information by studying the original articles, books, and papers written by three men generally considered to be the fathers of fog firefighting in America-Lloyd Layman, Keith Royer, and...

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