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Then EVERY SINGLE MORNING, you rush out before I’m up to walk your dog AGAIN. It’s the sixth video that day of your dog doing something "unbelievably cute." Like sleeping. Then there was that weekend we went to Florida, where we had to take the dog along because “we CAN’T leave him by himself!

If the dogs are fixed, this program can allow them to find a new friend that they can walk with and play with in the same area. Master Dog Training offers a “dog dating” program, in which you can find a specially chosen friend for your dog that matches up perfectly with his or her temperament, breed and age.

Leading to that epiphany you had that "we need to spend more nights at my place, so I can sleep more." And now my choice is to either not see you for a week, or have an entire wardrobe covered in dog hair. Those “pet-friendly” hotels and restaurants weren't exactly the hospitality highlights of Florida.

Also, “disappointment” doesn’t begin to describe the feeling I get every time I open one of your Snapchats. And that spontaneous overnight trip to Bimini I wanted to take was out of the question.

Now you may say, "Well, if you’re not into dogs I don’t want to date you anyway." And that’s all well and good. But understand that while every guy may not have quite the aversion to dogs that I do, none of us like having to base our relationship around your pet. There is something to be said for a pet’s unconditional love and all that other stuff you see on Peanuts Christmas cards. And if you don’t understand why you can’t keep a guy around, the answer is a lot closer than you think.

At our school, we have many gorgeous dogs whose owners want to find them same breed friends.

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This introduction can be done to make your dog’s life more interesting.

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