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with an on-file active “profile” of Senators and Congressmen including their voting statistics and their chief opponents.

AIPAC then advises their huge Jewish constituency which candidates to support and donate money to.

It is now commonly held knowledge in the Jew-controlled halls of Washington that if a politician ever speaks out for the rights of the Palestinians or even hints at Israel’s genocidal policies, this would mean the end of that lawmaker’s career.

Everyone knows that these neighborhoods will be part of Israel in any peace settlement.Watch live streaming broadcast quality Israeli cameras showcasing famous and well known landmarks in Israeli.Do you operate a live video streaming webcam in Israeli?Senators like Lindsey Graham and Jim Risch, both featured speakers at the AIPAC Policy Conference this year — know where the money is, who shells it out, and what it takes to get it.the fomenters of instability, the source of all evil under the sun,” shouted out Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in his address at the AIPAC gala dinner at the Washington Convention Center.

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Let me tell you when I first realized I had a problem.

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