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A short description of each interview and relative biographical information of each interviewee is provided.

The UCRDC would like to thank all the heroic witnesses who have shared their extraordinary stories with us so far.

The implementation of perestroika and the unexpected collapse of the USSR provoked unease that long-underlying ethnic tensions could erupt in strife in the post-Soviet world.

Of particular concern in Ukraine was one of history’s fault lines in the region—the relations between Jews and Ukrainians.

Anna Buri J (nee Bulelyk) – Ukrainian Anna Burij describes how her neighbour hid two Jews in her barn through the winter and explains the necessity of their flight the next year as rumours of their presence spread. Burij also recalls and describes the mass executions of Jews in the nearby town of Delyatyn. Chabursky describes how his father, a priest, helped Jews by issuing them baptismal certificates and recording them as his parishioners. Chabursky tells the story of someone seeking to inform on his father, writing a letter to the Gestapo and how that letter was intercepted and disposed of by a Ukrainian interpreter. Darewych relates how his aunt, Maria, and her husband, Father Vasyl Davydovych, hid a Jewish girl during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine.In his clear and cogent articles, he offers valuable and necessary insights into Jewish-Ukrainian relations.In the struggle for Ukraine’s independence during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Aleksandr Burakovskiy championed a vision of a tolerant, inclusive Ukrainian state built on foundations of shared citizenship and equality.He then briefly addresses German actions towards Ukrainian and Jewish populations in general. Derbish recalls how her mother and other village ladies would provide food for Jews hiding in a nearby forest.She goes on to describe the 'cleansing' of the nearby village of Mykulyntsi including one incident where a Jewish woman found hiding in an oven was spared by a Ukrainian officer turning a blind eye. Friedland describes how the Morozovsky Family assisted him by giving him their son Michael’s passport which allowed Mr.

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This project is an ongoing effort and the UCRDC asks that the community provide any information which might be helpful in identifying new cases.

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