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I cannot be focused on the world's idea of who they think I am or who I'm supposed to be. And if that means that even though I seem eligible and should be in a relationship, maybe I shouldn't be right now, because I am not emotionally available.

It's knowing yourself and being more in tune with who you are vs.

), Jenifer Lewis and Rick Fox also star in the film which is slated for release in 2008.She lives in Florida, and I’ll give her anything she wants. On dating as a celebrity & what type of guys she likes: [It’s] hard to maneuver when you’re in show business. They were also spotted at Flo Rida’s exclusive event at Carnival in New York City, on December 1st, 2010. Initially it was seeing her out and about while I was working and she was working.Global Grind: Flo Rida on How He Got Eva Marcille: “I’ve always been a fan of her doing her modeling thing. So we got each other’s contact, I pursued and we kept talking to each other.

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Following the unpaid suspension, Willis says Swinyar is set to be “reassigned to an appropriate district position with no contact with students for the remainder of the year.” A spokesman for Duval County Schools says Swinyar is appealing the outcome of the investigation.

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