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“People view us as best friends we love laughing together. The two instantly clicked and started dating after meeting at Spirit Days last summer.

We don’t see a color when we are with each other,” said Dickey. “When we started dating and told our parents they were like ‘what the hell, why not? “Even though she’s blonde sometimes I wonder if she’s blacker than me.” Freshmen Gio Olvera, who is Hispanic, and Chelsea Beaty, who is Caucasian, have been dating for about 18 months.

The racial difference doesn’t seem to pose much of a problem, though – people view them as any other couple and say they are good together.

“It’s not like back in the day where color matters,” Marshall said.

It was also one of the bloodiest, killing 30 to 40 million people by some estimates. His armies got as far west as the Black Sea, fighting the Russians.

So many that it led to a marked drop in carbon dioxide levels. He is a huge hero in his native Mongolia, honoured in China but is seen as a barbarian destroyer pretty much everywhere else, especially in Russia. After his death his sons and grandsons would take over the rest of China and much of Russia and South West Asia.

Also at the heart of his empire was the Silk Road, the main trade route across Eurasia.Freshmen Victoria Marshall and Jorge Espitia have been dating since they met at age 6, said Espitia.Marshall is African-American and Espitia is Hispanic.“We are both stubborn, strong-headed, determined, and like to be in charge of things,” Marshall said, laughing. And one day, they hope to make beautiful biracial children.The couple said it’s hard for them to be away from each other. “We have our ups and downs just as the rest, but the only thing that separates us from other couples is that she’s African-American and I’m Mexican,” Espitia said. When he told his parents he was dating a black girl they accepted their relationship. In 2008, a Gallup annual Minority Rights and Relations poll found that a majority of American people approve of interracial dating.

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In addition to measuring the public’s attitudes toward interracial dating, the poll also measured the extent to which people have dated someone with similar or different racial and ethnic backgrounds from their own.

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