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The expressions "No se preocupe" (don’t worry) is overused.When talking to somebody, we don’t start by going directly to the point, but going around the topic in order not to present ourselves as rude.Work is also an important topic but family goes first.Talking about money, investments or the market is not well accepted other than in business conversations, when the topic cannot be avoided.Family relations and human relations are very important in our culture.Asking about family is always well accepted and shows that you care.The tone of voice is usually high and often, a foreigner may find that we are not direct when speaking.

One, for example, occurs when one is leaving and saying "me voy": with palms face up the upper hand crosses and brushes the lower, indicating movement away.In rural areas, physical contact in dance is more formalized; there is less touch and it is less sexual.Working in Costa Rica requires knowledge of its work etiquette.If you can show knowledge about the country, you will be perceived as a well informed person who cares about the people.As said before, family and human relations take priority over business topics in social conversations.

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Another denotes "dinero" (thumb brushing forefingers as in North America), while another indicates food (palm facing mouth, four fingers clapping down, almost like a wave to oneself). "Ticos" (Costa Ricans) present themselves as happy and friendly people who are willing to help.

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