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This Weaving Loom process can bring joy and fulfillment to her as she finishes her project all by herself!

This comes with challenging logic puzzles that can help her learn about elimination process, drawing conclusions and even organizing patterns to solve a problem.

At this age, she is open to create and design more complex projects than before.

Hobbies may include crafting materials and creating new projects such as friendship bracelets, sparkling jewelries and more. Weaving in this loom is a simple way of teaching your child the value of using one’s time wisely as she develops her fine motor skills and creativity.

The Kitchen Science Kit is a great way to show your nine year old girl that Science can even be learned at home.

You can transform your kitchen into your very own Science lab and perform six Science experiments by utilizing kitchen ingredients at home.

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Complex skills does not need complicated strategies to learn them, this activity book would make her develop and teach her these complex life skills in a fun and interactive way for her age!

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