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The churches are still packed to the brim, but there’s very little that could be considered “Christian” about 80% of the church members.

There’s literally no self respect or desire to be better among any who didn’t go off to college.The administration officials blamed Democrats for creating the “loopholes” that allow illegal immigration to continue and force them to separate children from their parents.But Republicans, and the Supreme Court, all played a part in creating that system.I’ll probably end up doing the same (marrying a Brazilian girl from school). The women present well, are pleasant to be around, don’t sleep around or do drugs, are hardworking and much more socially conservative than any of the upper class white or black girls I grew up with in [deleted].I’m relatively new (3-4 years) to a serious Christian faith, after spending ages 16-21 as a drug abuser, womanizer and a quasi-drug dealer.

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