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Every human on the project has to agree to the same set of standards, do rigorous code reviews and ensure that all new types are assigned the appropriate and correct prefix.

In short, it's impossible to guarantee consistency with a large enough code base.

Also, Joel on Software has an excellent article related to Hungarian notation titled: Making Wrong Code Look Wrong which makes some good arguments for Hungarian notation.

You're not the only person, but I'd say it's relatively uncommon.

Items like text boxes, labels and drop down lists are much easier to quickly understand and often you get repeating control names: To me that's easier to read and parse.

Otherwise, Hungarian notation doesn't fit in because of the advances in IDE's, specifically Visual Studio.

The second is "Apps Hungarian" where you specify the of the variable with a prefix.

The most common example of this is using "m_" to indicate member variables. My recommendation would be to avoid "Systems Hungarian" like the plague but definitely use "Apps Hungarian" where it makes sense to. It's a bit long winded but explains it much better than I could.

The real value in Hungarian notation dates back to C programming and the weakly typed nature of pointers.In your example, what if you created or used some more meaningful type for holding a path (e.g.Path), you then need to change your If you hold the pointer over the variable in VS it will tell you what type of variable it is, so there is no reason to go with these cryptic variable names, esp as people that are coming from other languages may need to maintain the code and it will be an obstacle to easy reading.You then need to rename all your variables that use that type, all for no real benefit.If you had just used a decent name to begin with you wouldn't have to worry about this.

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At the point there is no consistency why are you doing it?

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