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We were in the den visiting and Jerry reached in his pocket and pulled out a couple of joints and said, “You guys want to do this?

” I said, "Sounds good to me, I haven’t smoked any weed since college.”"I could use something to help me relax," Terri commented.

A year after we both graduated from college, we were married.In addition he gave her a tummy tuck because of the weight she had lost, and a facelift.She had also spent a lot of time at the gym and tanning salon and looked amazing.They dated for almost two years and she spent as much time at our apartment as she did her own.Jerry always used to tell me she was the “best piece of ass he had ever had” and Jerry had his share.

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When I got back in the den Jerry had moved over to the sofa where Terri and I had been sitting. Terri came back in the room with her robe on and sat down between us on the sofa.

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