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The females are in charge in this very extreme site.They are relentless about getting eaten out the proper way.The narrative Zille has written for Alexi’s “Dykes on Bikes” photo-tribute is a don’t-miss, as is Alexi’s striptease at Fairy Butch – not something you see every day.Even at the extremes of BDSM play on this site, all that is visible is all the heart that goes into it.They don’t care if they have to crush some noses to do it, either!

They want to feel faces pushed tight against their pussies, lapping away and having a good time.

A gorgeous shoot called “Wrought” features Zille bound in chains with her body bent through a wrought-iron table while Alexi whips her, then fucks her ass with a strap-on.

The beauty of this real couple playing is almost inexpressible, but it’s helped along by the accompanying poetry.

Regardless of its niche content, Darkplay is neither small nor narrow in scope.

Butches and femmes, tops and bottoms, bois and Daddies and goth princesses are all represented, as are a wide variety of fetishes, BDSM play (both mental and physical), hardcore sex, and settings from frilly period pieces to classic goth cemeteries, and mortuaries to doctors’ offices to dungeons.

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