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"With thousands of black Christians living in the UK – many of whom are single – launching an online dating site specifically ‎for this community made perfect sense," says company founder Leon James.

According to UK website Single Christians, which collates research on the experiences of Christian singles in Britain, 54 per cent of unattached Christians said they hadn’t been on a date in the last year, while only five per cent said they date often.

We believe that God is able to place people in our lives through different means and we’re thrilled to provide this new environment in which people can connect with those they might not meet in their usual settings. A partner who shares your faith and cultural values could be just a few clicks away!

If you don't have a Google Voice phone number yet, you're missing out.

When you need a personal bouncer, Google Voice makes it extremely easy to block callers that you don't ever want to talk to again.

But finding a partner who shares your faith, your race and the same or similar cultural values, narrows down the options, particularly as the black community is a minority community in Britain.

Then click the More link in the message and choose Block caller.

The next time the person calls, they will hear a message saying that the number "has been disconnected or is no longer in service" (at least for them).

With Google Voice, you can have all your calls come to one number and then be routed to either your home phone, work phone, cell phone, or your voicemail depending on the time of day.

It can even send the same caller to all of your numbers at the same time and then route the call to whichever one you pick up first.

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  1. I’m lonely and very different, I’m eccentric, have eccentric tastes and I’m a lot more mature then most people I meet in most social settings (I’ve been regularly mistaken for 40 when I was 18) I’m also a romantic whose entire cultural upbringing utterly rejects the idea of genders freely mixing and all that cabal. I can out-argue almost anyone and I can debate exceptionally well but I’ve zero social skills that aren’t an argument, sports or one of my passions (which many people do not like) I’m regularly putting my foot in it in casual conversations and I have been told in the past that I am far far too intense.