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I had work that evening (kidswear at H&M) and I felt like a liberated weirdo.As I had never gone panty-less before, I was extremely aware of my own lack of panty protection.It’s a very simple way to feel like a deviant without going through all the effort of cheating on your husband or killing your ex-best friend.I also ended up going out drinking after work and with excessive amounts of alcohol, I completely forgot that I was going commando.However, after two days without panties, the adjustment to wearing them again — having to pull them out of my crack again — was hard to get used to.As my panties had become extremely noticeable and irritating to me, I considered a future where one day I would give them up altogether.

A laziness that was rather enjoying the thought of not having to do as much laundry due to the lack of panties.I donned a teeny tiny bralette and a sequined pencil skirt to hide my panty-less state and show off my exquisite breasts. Again, due to the drunkenness, I forgot that I wasn’t wearing undies — until I finally climbed into bed at 6 a.m.and realized my alcohol and loneliness fueled masturbation session had less inebriated layers to get through.) but I also needed to wear panties with it — partially because underneath the floor-length sheer skirt was only a mini skirt and I didn’t want to wear tights, partially because I use my panties to silhouette my VBO (visible belly outline).I can promise you, I looked slamming and the sacrifice to my experiment was fully justified.

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I rang one of my besties to demand she let me accompany her on a night out.

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