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No need to feel guilty either for such affairs as it is needed to satisfy your self. They wont even ask your name and number if you dont want to tell, not even at the bill counter. I got my results by evening and came out happily from that campus. I don't support or follow monogamous relationships but if you are in one, it doesn't matter whether you sleep around with a man or a woman. Doesn't necessarily mean you need both sexes to satisfy yourself. Hi, a lot of valuable suggestions here, and although I haven't been totally successful in dealing with depression I know that pets help, having goals helps, avoiding sugar helps, talking online to people who aren't fake helps, and probably a good relationship helps too although I haven't got one.You dont have to say about your m2m or m2f relations, everything they consider as CONTACT. I hope all the members take this test as soon as possible and be happy. People have to strive to avoid the competitive spirit of Capitalism which is both antilife and antihuman , destroying both the natural environment and the social environment.All India Discussion Threads Thank you everyone for all the suggestions posted in public as well as those who have sent it privately. Where do these "All India" threads and posts appear? Some people have raised concerns that Local Threads are getting lost because of the "All India" threads. When the "All India" option was added, the number of new threads as well as number of "latest posts" were increased.The "All India" threads appear on the homepage of the website along with the city centric threads. The former was increased from 10 to 15 and the latter was increased from 20 to 50!For a few years they control their desire, concentrate on building up the family and all, but later some day, that suppressed desire gradually comes out and they try to satiate it. Whether a gay or bi sexual, they try to do the same within the constraints they have including ensuring that none in their family come to know about it.Unfortunately, these feelings cannot be discussed with your spouse for sure. Have you ever undergone Confidential HIV Testing I have done my HIV and STI test today at YRG care hospital.real brothers or sisters should be considered incest. i was like pulling his leg from outside like the door has a peephole and i m gonna look through it etc etc. he said drop ur pants and join me if u r so desperate to see me naked. Bracing myself for attack :)The Cousin Factor Basically my cousin's are not gay nor am I,(I am bi)... X with Y should be punishable only if the law can force Mrs. After all, all the rubbish examples you are giving apply to their lives as well All India Discussion Threads Kudos!! Nevertheless, if a gay, bi or straight guy gets involved in *** with another guy/woman who is not their legal partner, by definition it is "cheating". If a married gay involves in affair with another guy as they get satisfaction through guys only, isn't that too clear cheating by the same definition?? By the same definition, any gay (even unmarried) who gets involved in *** with another guy is also cheating, Isn't it?cousins (specially if they are of similar age) are more like friends than brothers. When they reached maturity and learn new things about there *** and pleasure of cumming, they basically wanted to do something which makes more pleasant, I guess in those days around 10-15 years back they didn't had girls to satisfy their needs soo they came to us to fulfill their desires, assuming that we are girls. I have my GFS to satisfy my sexual need but still sometimes I prefer guys, because I like it... They are cheating the society, cheating their parents bla bla bla...

As a bottom you are going to give pleasure to a top. There have been subsequent developments such as the (August 2017) privacy judgment issued by a nine-judge bench.”---------------------------------Justice D. Chandrachud“The Centre had not challenged the Delhi high court judgment (striking down Section 377).So only option is the so called "cheating" by the immaculate guys :) :) :)Guys, in my view, it is more dangerous and unsatisfying to suppress your feelings too much irrespective of whether you are a bi or gay,. Doctors/counselors are very friendly, you wont even feel like you are in hospital.Find the safe, suitable way to quench that feeling and enjoy life without impacting your family life. No point in sacrificing and suppressing your feeling for the sake of your family or spouse and being too much "truthful". Morning I went and explained my fear and doubts and then they responded immediately. For some reason, bisexuality is used as an excuse to cheat by a lot in the queer community. Also bisexuality refers to the potential to be attracted to members of either ***.Don't underestimate its destructive influence, it's everywhere .Depression is a symptom, I say that even though I'm from the US which is the kingpin and enforcer of Capitalism.

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