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United Colors of Benetton got a lot of attention (and criticism) by showing pope Benedict XVI and imam Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb kissing each other, a black woman breastfeeding a white baby in another ad and a newborn still attached to umbilical cord in another.Called ‘shockvertising’, the ads startle the audience with a controversial or offending statement.Talk your way into their hearts by using your wit and charm. Enjoy dreamy dates at places such as a beachparty, an open mic night, a fashion show and many more. Pick your outfit for the date, your favorite car and drive through the city.Handle the turns and traffic with care and impress your date with smooth moves. Play Drive to [email protected] from the Apple App Store and start dating already!Fear can be removed by adopting the advertisers’ product, service or idea. Just like Empowered Presentations did in their cover slide to stop death by Power Point: Tugs at the universal human appeal to succeed in one’s endeavors.No wonder, one of the most used appeals by companies that offer expert guidance.

An ad from 2004 read, “Once upon a time, there was an ambitious young man who didn’t read The Economist.Here are the appeals that expert presenters are using and you can try them out too.(Also find examples of path-breaking advertisements that used these appeals and went viral) This is often employed in advertising to arrest audience attention.So, here’s the moment of truth- Your presentation is an advertisement.And it has to be as good as a TV commercial or a print ad. Here’s how: Advertisers have since centuries crafted their ads around the power of an APPEAL.

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