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It's just a drab warehouse office at the moment.-Upper management seems disconnected from what's going on in most parts of the building.

The adage of giving a man a fish vs teaching a man to fish is so true.

It can make the office unpleasant at times.-Upper management is not transparent about company plans, which may be the way it has to be, but can make employees feel insecure.

We frequently question whether the company is about to be sold out from under us to Amazon or Netflix or something.

The merger with Crunchyroll is also a little terrifying.

It's not clear what the plan would be if it doesn't work out and from what I've heard we're not making much off of our website- which is supposed to be the main source of income in the future.- Space is an issue. There're not enough office spaces to go around and there's a lot of updating that needs to be done to make the office feel like the advanced, big-time entertainment studio they're trying to turn this into.

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