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The citrusy background hangs on throughout the life of the fragrance.This is a year round fragrance with right spray adjustments.I'm finding (for me, so far) all the JP Guerlain men's fragrances are like a stormy relationship..reverse, and all over in a day or so. Then there's the better times, a little uneasy and not sure this thing will last, but you give it a few more months to work itself out. Finally, there's butterflies in the stomach...can't think about anything else..won't they call? It opens on my skin with a burst of fresh and sharp citruses with dominant lemnon.It starts out where most other things end:with a huge argument, lots of heated words,things being thrown. During mid development,florals with dominant rose comes into the game and adds a bit romantic floral symphony with a nice touch of warm cinnamon and woodiness.6th September 2017 – Olympic Champion, World Champion and Jamaica’s most decorated athlete, Usain Bolt has partnered with the Jamaica National Foundation, through his Usain Bolt Foundation, to host the...Zackary Drucker’s transformative drama, behind the lense, captures, captivates and expresses the soul of a male to female, with cunning rendition of her inescapable assertion, and attainment of her transforming delusion as a woman, who can also be cunning, and descriptive of her nature, and self assurance through the visual arts.

Age - 25 Compliments - 8/10 Scent - 9,5/10 Main notes according to me - lemon,vanilla,rose,carnation, leather,cinnamon,sandalwood,benzoin. Since i'm from Vietnam, this is exactly how it smell like on a sunny summer day in Hoi An, peaceful and relaxing.This is a classic; an intense citrus, rose, and leather blend.It was released also in an edp concentration, and several flankers.I would like to try something more masculine from Guerlain, as this house does seem quite unique to me, so I may try Vetiver at some point. ) It SHOULD be a damned mess, but it's genius instead.Someone's already said it, but every time I wear this I get something different: a tangy uplifting bergamot, spine-aligning green vetiver, a cool earthy patch that settles in lightly with the dusty spices and powder, or sticky, phlegmatic labdanum; even a touch of civet in the slick-but-lived-in leather accord. My tastes vary as to genre, but it's a contender for GOAT for me.

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