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So many married women want an escape from the mundane. Sure, they could survive it, but they would probably be overcome by the overwhelming pressure of that experience.

She is unappreciated, misunderstood, and maybe even really horny.

Clearly women have needs and they are now presented with the freedom to chase them.

Michelle Crosby is a relationship expert and founder of Wevorce, she states "Not such a wide gap between the sexes and an interesting revelation on the strength of morality in today's world."Harsh much?

In a National Geographic article documenting the late genius’ views on monogamy, we find out Einstein had several extramarital affairs and was quite the charismatic wooer.

Some common emotional reasons for an extramarital affair includes the feeling of an unfulfilled (sexless) marriage, marrying too early, no more connection with a spouse and the sheer motive of revenge because of the man’s transgressions.One study The digital age is upon us and with that comes a new resource for anybody who has ever thought about married dating, it's none other than the power of technology!Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, video conferencing and the ever revolutionary world of online dating apps has changed the way human beings fall in love, date, and now cheat.One has to wonder if labeling cheating moms as immoral is a thing of the past.Not everything can be so black and white, there are grey areas right?! Women need emotional support from their husbands and all the sensitivity jargon you can think of goes in this category.

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  1. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Is it a stupid mind game, is he just not that into me, is he insecure, or is it all of the above? The next day he’ll either ignore me or say he’s “busy.” The consistency of his hot/cold is like clockwork: Great connection followed by ignoring me followed by great connection, etc. I’m not into this game so I’m always friendly and fun—haven’t called him out about it. And some woman don't keep you around long enough to "want more" Players suck. I dated a guy that was so damn hot he made me shake when he walked into the room, but because of his games, I shortly got over it. I do not think this guy is a player, he is not acting like one. We're not a "couple." I'm still open to dating others, too. I feel like saying-- this game is backfiring-- it's sooo turning me off. If you know he is not married then it's either that, or he is hoping a another relationship pans out, or he is just playing games. It was not one or two bad days here and there, but it was becoming more and more frequent all the time.