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Of course it helps to have names like Phil Mazanera and Richard Wright too… It’s obvious that he is comfortable with the guys from the original Bleeding Hearts Band, because he keeps bringing them in and it sounds exactly the same as in 85. Endless “Van Halen” wanking on the guitar and not a soulful moment from any of them. I only think that he has prooven once and for all that he has the right tools to bring on the Floyd legacy. The more the fans and press talks about the conflict, the bigger it seems to get. Still, it’s pretty frustrating for the fans and like Mason said , – it’s pretty British too… Why can’t they just talk to each other and deal with it? And don’t tell me that it’s just a coincidence that Gilmour has added new outdoor dates too his tour and are putting out PULSE while Roger is touring.

The sad thing though (at last for me), is that I don’t think most people even care or hear the difference.

Gilmour has put together a band consisting of some of the finest musicians the business has to offer. I know you can’t judge a band on the opening night and let alone on a bootleg, but that’s not really my point either. This “war” that has been going on since “87” has probably done more to the fans than Floyd it self.

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