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We often see dating, marriages and unions of people that work in similar realms of the entertainment industry, and sports entertainment is no exception.

The Superstars find it necessary to pair-up with someone that they will actually see often and that understands their hectic and job-centric lifestyle.

Vince Mc Mahon is notorious for keeping his talent on a very tight and full schedule throughout the year, with much of the roster working as much 300 days or more, between house shows, Raw, Smack Down Live and pay-per-views.

A lot of the pro-wrestlers find it difficult to maintain any semblance of a social life outside of the WWE.

She worked primarily as a manager and valet for a while, with Superstars like Beth Phoenix, Primo & Epico and Fandango.

Meanwhile, many Men continue to slick but in their homes, re accounts and jobs.

In fact, even most of the Divas that have dated outside of the industry have also dated within it.

Here, after much painstaking effort, we've actually managed to uncover 15 WWE Divas who dated outside of the wrestling business!

She would gain mainstream attention when she had a run on Dancing with the Stars.

Having a taste of show business outside of wrestling, she would leave the company shortly thereafter.

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