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“I’m just interested in new life experiences,” I type, lying in bed at two in the morning with a half-empty jar of crunchy Great Value peanut butter next to me, my roommate sleeping soundly on the other side of the room. I’ll really only be talking about Sugar Daddies and female babies here, so bear that in mind. Then we spent the next eight days together and we still hang out every now and then,” says Jay Will*, one Sugar Daddy out of the one hundred-plus I hounded who actually ended up giving me an interview.

Users can “like” people’s profiles, passively letting them know that they are interested, they can request to see private photos—perhaps less passively letting them know that they are interested—or, most direct of all, they can message them to arrange a date. These wealthier, older, and not-always-hot people date younger people, financially supporting them and pampering them in various ways. The most recent woman really wanted sonic grilled cheese sandwiches, so after multiple texts and several extended phone conversations, I drove up to meet her and gave her about eight sandwiches.I jerk my head up and smile sheepishly at my date, fully conscious of how absurd I must have looked.I run my hand through my hair and adjust my position on the floor of my bedroom, looking up at my girlfriends sitting on my bed.I’ve always had an interest in the taboo: the creepy, the weird, the sexual, the morbid.So when a conservative high school friend posted an article about Sugar Dating at Arizona State University on their Facebook, claiming that it was a shameful way to live, I ate it“About 40,300,000 results (0.58 seconds).” Recently, the sugar dating lifestyle has found its way into mainstream media and infiltrated our everyday lives— with attention from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, GQ, ABC’s 20/20, CNN’s This is Life, and even Showtime’s Right.

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I pause for a long time, thinking about what felt off about the date that night.

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