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But more often than not, she ended the day no richer than she’d started.

She wrote back, thanking the sender for complimenting her beauty and asking how he’d found her.

Despite her hand-to-mouth circumstances, Elrod’s new account soon began to receive a series of sizable wire transfers, many of which originated abroad.

Over the course of one December week, for example, almost ,000 arrived from Norway; on January 2, someone in France sent ,977.

He also expressed a fervent desire to visit her in the US and perhaps even live with her full-time—a dream come true for Elrod, who lamented that she’d never had kids of her own.

Kevin scheduled a trip to Charlotte for his summer break, and Elrod sent him several hundred dollars to buy the plane ticket.

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She knew they’d soon spend hours gabbing on the phone, as was their daily habit.

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