Employee dating policies

There’s also no way to guarantee it’ll go smoothly (he could say no, or you could go out and it could be disastrous), so if that’s going to keep you from shopping there, you’ve got to decide which you want more: the possibility of a date with him or the certainty that you can continue comfortably going to that store.Experts say that small businesses can use employee handbooks to avoid litigation and put staff members at ease by spelling out, in positive terms, the company's policies and expectations.

Well, the tricky thing about asking out someone in a customer service position is that their job requires them to be nice to you.

This means that you should take the time to learn about local and state requirements, as well as federal requirements, Cooper says.

Other policies should be in the handbook to protect the employer.

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Because of that, it can be easy to mistakenly misinterpret them doing their job (being nice to you) as social/romantic interest.

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