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I must say I had the most beautiful wedding day ever.

Its not like waking up next to someone in the morning and they want a quickie before work. When we were done and I was putting on my bra my phone rang.

I guess in most long term relationship its a fact of life that he will cheat at some point. I forgave him, we even separated but I guess when you are destined you always find each other.

We got married when I was 27 and we had been together on and off for around 8 years.

CHAPTER ONE I had been waiting for this moment all day!

Firstly he took off the jacket I was wearing and roughly threw it on to the floor, he was not being gentle and I loved that but I warned him not to leave any bruises. I loved the danger of the moment and the power of reclaiming my body.

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Women with power tend to oppress other women but that’s a story for another day. Finally the moment of truth came, fine it wasn’t the first time we had done but every time felt new and fantastic.

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