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About 14,000 people are waiting, and some don't survive.For every three or four who receive transplants, one dies on the list, said Dr.Tired, but characteristically stoic and laid-back, he was sitting at the kitchen table at his sister and caretaker Jamie Meyer's house near Gilletts Lake in Leoni Township, where he moved as his divorce is pending and his condition worsened.The pain is different, most significantly in one notable way, he said. 'A death sentence' Capen is a welder with two children, Destiny, 16, and Jake, 21."I got a death sentence right off the get," Capen said.

Capen's damaged teeth are evidence of all the years he literally bore the pain, channeling it for the positive with martial arts, pushing back on inevitable depression and stress with early morning weight lifting sessions at a Taylor gym.

"I just tell her she's my hero," Capen said, one day before the surgery he hopes will extend and improve his remaining days. 13, surgeons at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor removed part of Duclo's healthy liver, about 60 percent of it, and used it to replace Capen's diseased one. Less than a month later, both patients are home and recovering.

Long a part of Capen's extended family, a term not defined here by blood, Duclo and Capen are now biologically linked. Remarkably, unlike any other organ, the newly split liver will regenerate to each patient's needed capacity in weeks.

"It's just quite amazing that we can do this for each other.

This little thing can save someone's life," said Duclo, casual and cool about what Capen and his family consider a great sacrifice. There is some pain, brought on by a bile leak and infection.

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