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And if they decide to share something about their ex as well, that can be key too, especially if they only have bad things to say.“It’s like talking about your ex-boss at a job interview," says Dr. "Once you start badmouthing someone you were in a relationship with, whatever that might be, you look like a person who is highly critical."If you actively avoid the topic in an attempt to spare someone else’s feelings, you have to weigh that against getting yourself entrapped in a corner you won’t be able to get out of later.” And then you have to ask: why change."You want a partner who’s securely attached," says Dr. "That means they’re not intrusive, and not dismissive." If I bring up a quick story about an ex, and their response is to either immediately switch the subject or probe me for every detail of that relationship, that says a lot.

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Can I not at least hint at the existence of an ex without suddenly feeling like I crushed all hopes of future romance?

Because here's the thing: first dates are already nerve-wracking enough without having to remember to refer to your ex you went to Paris with as "your friend." It's a small lie, but a lie nonetheless – what happens when you make it to date #12 and have to fess up that you actually strolled the Seine at peak romantic sunset with your boyfriend of five years?

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