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Yemeni Women have amazed the world by playing a major role in the revolution as activists, doctors, nurses, photographers, writers and some bravely faced security forces bullets and became martyrs.They led demonstrations and marches as their male counterparts and were as determined to demand freedom, democracy and social justice that would offer their sons and daughter a new and brighter future, yet they continue to be discriminated and marginalized in the decision making process to bring about that change.'Women are not allowed to take part in decision making, they are not recognized as equal human beings and are not in the places they deserve to be in, despite their qualifications. Amal Basha, Director, Sisters' Arab Forum for Human Rights Although Women in Yemen have made progress in comparison to other women in the region, yet they are still fighting to regain equality and recognition in society.The Penal Code, Personal Status Act, Citizenship Act and Criminal Code all contain provisions that discriminate against women.

Among the human rights abuses that women are subject to in Yemen is child marriage.However, her share is generally smaller than a man’s entitlement.A daughter, for example, inherits half as much as a son.Men are able to repudiate (divorce unilaterally) their wives, while women can only obtain a divorce under a limited range of circumstances (e.g.desertion, impotence, failing to meet his financial obligations).

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