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In the far east development of the Oriental martial arts is a bit more obscure.

It is generally accepted that the martial arts developed its roots in ancient China among the monks who used weaponless fighting techniques to protect themselves.

The most popular were takenouchi-ryu, jikishin-ryu, kyushinryu, yoshin-ryu, mirua-ryu, sekiguchi-ryu, kito-ryu, and tenshin-shinyo-ryu; the last two were instrumental in Judo's development.

It was during this time that Japanese politics disintegrated into disarray.

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The system's founder taught jujitsu in a structured and methodical manner.

In 1868 Imperial rule was restored (Meiji Restoration) and the decline of the Samurai class started along with a rapid decline in all martial arts.There are more than 1,000 different forms of martial arts scattered around the world and dating back more than 2,000 years ago.When the martial arts started and where no one really knows.Find bored & lonely housewives who are looking for a like minded partner.Non-committed wives and husbands looking for discreet intimate encounters.

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Despite the ruling classes wanting to keep unarmed combat techniques secret, through commerce and migration, the martial arts spread from China throughout the east.

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