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Since Peruvians value personal relationships and relate more to an individual business associates than a corporation, a local third party contact may be necessary.

It may be best to establish the connection through a local mediator, or “enchufado”.

At the highest levels of society, marriage and relationships solidify political and economic alliances.

Peruvians belong to a hierarchical culture where authority is expected to be respected, consequently titles are important and surnames may be used.

They will be able to operate through the various networks that encompass Peruvian business and government.

Personal relationships are often more important than professional competence and experience.

The prince's father, Prince Ernst August of Hanover, was also present.

While you await Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day (which is exactly two months from today), feast your royal appetite on the royal wedding that took place in Peru this weekend.

Prince Christian of Hanover (son of Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, and second in line to the throne), and Alessandra de Osma (lawyer and former model), tied the knot in Lima on Friday, March 16.

Cultural Clues, Do’s & Taboos – A Series of Cultural Tips for Countries from A to Z: PERU Be aware that you are likely to be at a higher altitude than you may be used to when you are in Peru, so give yourself a chance to get accustomed to it and prepare for possible altitude sickness.

Just as in many other Latin American countries, the concept of “Latin time” prevails.

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“If you ever encounter someone in Cusco with the last name Tupacyupanqui or Sinchi Roca, it is almost certain that that person has Inca blood running through their veins”, wrote En Portada.

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