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The term is now mainly used to refer to the system of writing used by the ancient Egyptians.

Hieratic was used for the bulk of writing done with reed pens and ink on papyrus.Writing phonograms and determinatives in different combinations enabled the Egyptians to develop thousands of words without having to create a single distinct glyph for each thing, action, or concept.USING HIEROGLYPHS The ancient Egyptian word for hieroglyphs, literally translated as "language of the gods," indicates their importance.Following are several examples of hieroglyphs with the sounds s and r that combine phonograms and determinatives: When speaking, the Egyptians might have differentiated between these words by adding vowel soundsfor example, by saying sor, ser, or sur.Because they did not write vowels, however, they used the determinatives that appeared to the left of the phonograms to specify each words meaning.

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