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The Grammy-winner was well on her way to becoming a prominent fixture in the entertainment industry … In the blink of an eye, she seemingly disappeared from every magazine cover and slammed the brakes on her "Get Loose" tour. Furtado endured a series of personal struggles that sent her life into a downward spiral.

Here's the real reason you don't hear from her anymore. Being so young meant Furtado had to grow up quickly to shoulder the many responsibilities pertaining to her career, and things got even trickier when she gave birth to her daughter, Nevis, split from her baby daddy, and decided to embark on her 2007 tour as a single mom.

The Portuguese-Canadian singer put the world into a trance as she seamlessly infused her adoration for folk-pop with Timbaland's futuristic R&B beats.

It was official: Furtado had taken the world by storm.

Nelly met Tallis Newkirk who was a member of the hip hop group Plains of Fascination in Toronto and contributed vocals to their album Join the Ranks in 1996.

Nelly graduated from Mount Douglas Secondary School and moved to Toronto in 1996.

I actually cried my way through the first two songs," she told the Living in the digital age means there are a slew of social media platforms that many celebrities use to stay connected with their fans.Timbaland denied he had "stolen" extracts from 2000 computer demo Acidjazzed Evening by Finnish artist Janne Suni, or the remixed 2002 version by Norwegian musician Glenn Rune Gallefoss.Gallefoss subsequently filed legal action against Furtado's Universal Finland record company bosses, but the case was dismissed by Helsinki District Court.It is currently being dealt with by an appeals court.And the case against Furtado and Timbaland refuses to go away - officials at Finland's Kernel Records, the company which owns the original sound recordings of Acidjazzed Evening, have now filed suit in Florida.

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