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Throughout this 2nd year, those Holiday’s will have rolled back around again, and if your family liked the man you brought around them the first time, they will be delighted to see that you’re still with him.

Only this time, your family will sense that the two of you are serious about one another, so they’ll want to know if marriage and babies are in the near future.

So now one full year has gone by and if you’ve survived the Holidays, survived meeting the family, and survived “each other” (lol), then you’re definitely on the right track. Is he being consistent with the behaviors he’s exhibited from the beginning?

In a full year’s time, the seasons will have changed, you’ll have learned so much about your partner, and now it’s time for a feel about your partner? If so, continue to enjoy this person’s company, and continue to do things that will bring you closer together.

The sole purpose of being in a relationship is to have the support from someone you’re romantically interested in, with the potential to grow.

If there’s no potential to grow, there’s no sense in being in an exclusive relationship with someone; you can do bad/good all by yourself.

If somehow he miraculously comes up with the money within 2-3 years, he won’t be willing to spend all he has on .

The idea is to get married “one time” in your life, so don’t sell yourself short by getting married at a courthouse or in Vegas just because this man doesn’t have his life together.

Not quite the “Happily Ever After” you imagined eh?When you first meet a person, you evaluate them based on their appearance, their character, morals/values, etc and from there you can decide whether or not this person is worth giving more of your time to.Once you’ve determined he is worth giving more of your time to, simply give him of your time until he has proven to be someone to be taken seriously and considered for a position that will allow him to be closer to your heart and to the people who are important in your life.If this is the way you’re mutually feeling about one another, it would be a nice touch to invite your partner to family gatherings and introduce one another to the people who are most important in your life.senses that there’s something unsettling about your partner’s character, and they feel as though he’s not a good fit, it’s a good idea to take those feelings into consideration when deciding your future with him.

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This doesn’t have to be factor in your decision making.

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