Dating fear of abandonment

They go from feeling great about themselves to feeling worthless.

It’s an extreme swing in emotions and why it’s extremely important to focus on getting your emotions handled no matter who you are.

(People with a low sense of self-worth will seek validation in others.

They’ll put their own needs aside and instead spend their time and energy making their partner feel great.

But it’s all really fake, all designed to hide the fact that you’re actually deeply insecure and worthless.Fear of abandonment is the result of triggers in your mind body spirit system that can usually be traced to early issues with bonding and/or traumatic relationships.Sometimes it is more subtle, such as parents who were emotionally unavailable.So for any sort of healing to take place, any chance of putting an end to emotional abandonment and feeling good about yourself, you have to develop a sense of worth. You have to believe deep down that you’re actually a pretty awesome person that deserves a great relationship and worthy of love, respect and honor.At the core of emotional abandonment is the feeling that you’re worthless. There’s a reason broken homes are notorious for causing problems with kids as they grow older.

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