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Which includes his friends that he made while he was here, who ask about him all the time and prey that he will be allowed to return soon.

Even his employer has left his position open for him if and when he comes back, because he knows Mohammad is a hard working, loyal and trust worthy man. Since meeting my husband I have become a better person, I truly believe he is my soul mate and I feel like a whole human being when I am with him.

Page 1 of 2 - August 23, 2005 Attention: USCI Information Desk Re: .............. I am looking forward to starting our family together in the United States, because I know there are many opportunities for our children to become successful, productive, law abiding citizens, just like me and Mohammad.

I am begging you to allow us to begin our family and life together as soon as possible. CITIZEN (USC) Mrs ****** *** ****** (UKC) MR ***xx ***xx ****** Introduction The USC/UKC has been ask to file a waiver I-601 with a letter of any hardships the USC/UKC has accrued while waiting on I-130 approved visa.

Mohammad is also having a hard time eating, sleeping and finding employment.

With him being in Jordan, a huge financial burden has been placed on our small closely woven family.

Jordan is considered as Food Insecure due to its limited resources.

He has provided a written statement expressing this attitude of not providing permission for the re-location of his daughter.I do not know if words could even begin to describe the true feelings that I have for my husband but I pray that as you read this you can feel the love I have for him. Sincerely, Here is Rheabs' hardship letter, which was approved in London on Dec. There are several interacting hardships# CHILDREN . USC has primary custody of (******x *** ***xx) and visitation rights were awarded to (Mr x ***xx) every 2nd weekend of the month.30, 2005 for previous unlawful presence of over 180 days (3 year bar). USC has one child (******x *** ***xx) from her first marriage to (MR x. They also are to split holidays during even and odd years. B xxth Nov 2***) from her now Alien husband and biological father Mr.x.x.****** (UKC) If UKC's waiver were denied, this would be extremely disastrous to USC and their children (******x x ***xx, ****** x ******).APPROVED Jordan/Rome--unlawful presence I-212 Here is a copy of Tikbj's hardship letter, submitted following a request for evidence from USCIS Rome; no other documentation was submitted with it.It was for previous unlawful presence for her husband, who is a citizen of Jordan.

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