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Man, it was so much cooler to be a teen girl in the ‘90s than it is now. The outrageously materialistic game, which came with fake credit cards and an electronic speaker that occasionally told players where the best deals were, prepared preteens for a high school experience spent maxing out daddy’s credit cards. If you played with a bunch of nervous nellies, none of them were willing to prank call the cute boy from gym class; if you played with mean girls, they’d make sure you were crying with embarrassment by the end. The premise behind Dream Phone was that you called your robotic-sounding friends up via a huge, unwieldy phone in order to find out which boy had a crush on you–their tips lead you closer to the TRUTH.

Things were simpler then–and by “simpler,” I mean, “way less slutty.” Instead of bra tops and skintight jeans, chicks wore oversized shirts and, uh, oversized overalls (the baggier, the better). The vast majority of board games made for girls, for example, prove my point. (source) What happens when you catch a wicked case of Mall Madness? If you made a wrong move, you were penalized by having to wear “zit” stickers, the implication being that acne is the most horrifying thing that could possibly happen to you. One gal’s line, the robotically delivered “He looks good in whatever he wears,” will be stuck in my head until I die.

Boys say things like, "I know who it is, he's not at the mall." In which case, the player would secretly cross off the boys at the mall from her list.

Girls also have cards that can be thrown to have another player skip a turn or share the phone call.

As the name would imply, however, it’s exclusively for GIRLS; it goes without saying, then, that careers as astrophysicists and presidents aren’t in the cards.

You only get five career choices: Animal Doctor, Fashion Designer, School Teacher, Rock Star, and Super Mom. (source) Secret Diary was yet another game in the incredibly popular Girl Talk series (which also included Date Line, a super weird game that involved using a tape deck).

Male readers, you may just have to bear with me on this one.

And you wonder why we don't have a woman president yet. This genre were certainly not exclusive to the 80s and 90s, though it is more surprising that we upheld such outmoded norms this late in the game (some pun intended).Of course, there were always those jerk guys who would say, "I know who it is, but I'm not telling! With the help of the clues and the process of elimination, players would guess who had a crush on them and call the guy to confirm their guess.An interesting point in the game is that the crush is the same person for all the players, so the first girl to guess the crush apparently was the girl who the guy had a crush on.As girls, my sister and I thought that Jamal was a square because when this game came out it was in the phase right between grunge and ska. I don't know if this town has a no loitering ordinance, but apparently, these kids either have an endless supply of money to spend so much time in a cafe or in the perfect 90s world there is no ordinance. The Eats Snack Shop boys did have that kind of nerdy, but cute appeal about them. The story lines that we girls would come up with were endless.They had huge allowances which gave them the ability to stay all day at the snack shop. At the beginning of the game, each girl is given a sheet listing all the boys in the game and four cards, each with a different boy on it and his phone number.

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Before they could solve the mystery, they needed to do four babysitting jobs.

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