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Worried and anxious bipolar thoughts are very common and, what’s worse, is that seeing as we also obsess, we tend to obsessively worry or feel obsessively anxious. It’s not very surprising that due to all these odd thoughts, due to all the extreme, obsessive and distracting thoughts that we overreact to situations.And then there are all the distracted-, multi-tasking-type thoughts. If your brain automatically goes to a catastrophe situation and then becomes obsessed with it, it’s really tough to have a moderate response – even when it’s a moderate situation.I don’t know if that is common that people close by don’t stand up and say something, or not try to help more no matter how much it may hurt, but it sure feels like it!sorry gents – I’m getting confused with my “Robs” and “Roberts!Will they respect, admire and return your loyalty and support or will they simply walk all over it and keep doing the same thing time and time again?I don’t think that my partner was ever unfaithful to me but certainly she seemed to have difficulty making the right decision and sticking to things. I don’t know if this is a bipolar thing or if it was just the way she was. I’ve thought a lot about things and your words just verify the thought that no matter how I feel, if she were to come around again, I need to let her know exactly how I feel and what I think, and if that backfires and ends it all so be it, at least I spoke up and maybe just maybe, she will consider that she needs more help than she is willing to accept.Rob – I think that all you can do with any plans for a long-term relationship with someone who is bipolar is accept that they will go through these cycles and ‘flights of fancy.’ As long as you can handle that (i.e.

So either way, she’s not getting the strong direction and life-coaching that she needs.

If we’re criticized at work we must be getting fired.

It’s not that we don’t necessarily understand these things aren’t reasonable; it’s just that we can’t help the way our brain thinks, the way it leaps.

Not everyone jumps to the extremes, but people with bipolar seem to have that tendency.

Of course, because people with bipolar have jumped to the extremes – usually negative ones – we sure the heck worry about it once we get there.

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” :) Robert – a couple of things that have crossed my mind during the endless inner-reflection are: 1/ in her mind, she most likely TRULY BELIEVES that YOU are the one at fault and that you have issues that are too hard for her to work with.

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