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See: Khmer Language: Non-standard Romanization While Cambodia was a colony of France (1853-1953), French instruction was begun in primary school and all higher education was in French.This education was limited to the elite, and was essential for a successful administrative career because most official documents were in French.

In Cambodia, especially in rural areas, few people attended school.

In 1970 his prime minister, General Lon Nol, overthrew him and established a military government.

The Khmer Rouge (Red or Communist Cambodians), a small movement of revolutionaries, began as a reaction to the military rule of Lon Nol and waged a war with the army until 1975 (Mattson, 1993).

Refugees Government upheaval, destruction, and indiscriminate killings throughout Cambodia became a way of life for those who remained.

Hundreds of thousands of Cambodians tried escaping across the Thai border.

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