Dating antique sofa

My final pick is this Vertigo Swivel chair, designed by Jonathan Adler which is a modern take on the classic barrel club chair.I’m in love with this petrol velvet, which adds a touch of luxury.For us, nothing is too large, heavy, or ornate – we like it that way!

It can also cause allergic reactions to some people from the fine dust.

We buy and sell such makers as Mitchell and Rammelsberg, Horner, Wooten, to name a few.

If you have pieces you are thinking of selling, please get in touch.

It happens quite often that some of our clients are shocked by the fact that a chair or sofa could be stuffed with straw.

Most people know about horse hair, but there is a wide range of materials used to stuff upholstered pieces, and the point of this post is to just quickly explain a few of the most common ones.

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