Dating advice for young adults

Jigsaw puzzles are a favorite among older kids and can be purchased inexpensively at second-hand stores.

Or, find an online group brain teaser or logic puzzle.

Teens and young adults like a challenge, so pick a puzzle that’ll tap into their brainpower.

Then gather around the kitchen table and get to work solving.

If you really want to engage teens and young adults, though, grab some pens and paper and get creative.

Craft a family trivia game, or play “fact or fiction,” where everyone writes down statements that are true or false.

Appoint a judge and hand out prizes for the best chef.

Paint Even if your kids don’t have a knack for art, painting can be extremely satisfying and therapeutic for older children.

Paint supplies can be purchased for a reasonable price through discount craft supply stores.

What better way to learn how to dance than in the privacy of home with the people you love best?

Online dance instruction is available in all kinds of genres. Clear off space in the house, set up the computer and have everyone put on their dancing shoes.

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