Dating abuse charts

Dating abuse is any kind of abuse that takes place between two people who are currently dating or have dated in the past.

Dating violence, as it is also called, can take place during both a casual dating situation and a serious, committed relationship.

Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

The Yellow Card Challenge™ is calling for you to step up as leaders in the work against dating abuse. Don’t accept the use of violence in relationships or the need to control. We will work our engaging program around your schedule and provide your team with this important message without disrupting your normal activities.

Sometimes, these less obvious signs of dating violence are used as means to another more physically violent end.

Physical violence, emotional control and sexual pressure are forms of abuse that no one should have to face. You strive for excellence on the field and we urge you to do the same off of it. The program is designed to focus on your players’ roles as leaders in their school community and to help them become a positive force against dating violence.

The Yellow Card Challenge™ is a quick, proactive way for you to bring your team together to discuss dating violence.

For example, an abuser might use physiological manipulation to keep his victim from leaving, thus keeping her available for physical and sexual abuse.

Situations involving dating abuse can emit different warning signs for the various parties involved.

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