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He co-starred as Danny Partridge, the wisecracking, redheaded middle son of the singing pop band (headed by Shirley Jones).

He and Shirley Jones were the only Partridge cast members whose actual first names were also that of the character each portrayed on screen.

Now that we are not so little anymore, and certainly not cute, some of us may have to face reality, stop whining, and get real jobs.

Co-starring on the show was Jones's former stepson (David Cassidy), who remains close friends with Bonaduce, during and after the series run.

His fame as a Partridge led to jealousies at home, making an already bad family situation worse.

To get him away from that atmosphere, TV mom Shirley Jones and the other adults from the cast had Danny stay with them some weekends. Has stated that he and his wife, Gretchen Bonaduce, met on a blind date, and they were married that same day. 4, 1990 as the wedding date while divorce papers list Dec.

They cry and complain that now they are no longer little and cute Hollywood has no use for them.

What we often fail to appreciate is that being little and cute may have been their only skill.

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