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"The amount of times that people are approached when they have photos is multitudes more than when they don't," says Gian Gonzaga, Ph D, e Harmony's senior director of research and development and head of e Harmony Labs. Leave behind group shots, which can make it confusing for other people to identify you, advises Spira, and choose a headshot in which you are smiling."Your primary photo should be all about you." She recommends posting between three to five photos only—any more and "it's as if you're already smothering your future partner." Also, be sure to include a shot where you can see your body.Make it easier on yourself (and fun to read) by telling specific stories and anecdotes you enjoy.“You want your matches to get a sense of who you are through your words, and the best way to do that is to tell a quick story,” Spira says."You'd want a rock star résumé for your perfect dream job, and you should feel the same way about your online dating profile." And the profile is just where it starts—we have plenty of expert tips, from sending the perfect first e-mail to picking your first date location.Here, everything you need to know to find love on the World Wide Web. Your Profile Picture It can seem difficult to stand out in the vast sea of online daters; the best way to do so is by creating a great profile—and be sure to always include a photo.Upload four to six images, and make sure there’s a variety of different types of photos.” (Need a few new shots?Incorporate the Trick To Looking Great In Photos.) And yes, we know: Writing a profile of yourself elicits dread you haven't experienced since penning those college entrance essays.

“Put this word cloud of your life together, and it will help you build out the most important things to cover and where you might find connection points with other people.” Avoid clichés (um, who love to laugh? Not to mention effective: Each day, an average of 236 people who met on e get married. So, how do you go from logging on to finding your perfect match?"I equate online dating to looking for a job," says Julie Spira, cyber-dating expert and author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating."It gives a richer picture of who you are," he adds.According to Spira, the tone should be uplifting and happy. "The problem is that because you don't hear people's voices, it's hard to tell if they're being sarcastic or being rude." If you write something and are afraid that it might be taken the wrong way, it's probably best not to post it. Take Advantage Dating multiple people at a time is a strange habit to get used to, and can often seem irresponsible, but when it comes to online dating, meeting a variety of new people at once is a smart move. "I know people who go on dates three times a day, every day!

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“You have opportunities to meet people who, like you, maybe haven’t done this before.” She also suggests you make a commitment: Sign up for at least three months, and be patient. It does just take one, and they might be signing up two months from now!

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