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The other guy did it wrong, they blindly updated the data without checking to see if it was modified since they read it out.

Dear Tom, We have given SELECT rights to many developers who are developing reports. FOR UPDATE in there code which is holding the lock for unknown reason.

Asked: October 19, 2000 - pm UTC Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: May 09, 2011 - am UTC Category: Database - Version: v 8.1.6 Viewed 10K times!you "grow" locks in your transaction and you give them all up when the transaction finishes.I Tom, I Have this PL/SQL in ORACLE 10g (Red Had)....and t.rowid = :block.rowid FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; if that returns ORA-54 (resource busy), you are notified someone else has that row locked. Oracle_Username = 'SCOTT' / SELECT c FROM t1 WHERE a = 1 AND b = 2 AND c = 2 FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; SELECT do. The reason being use of function in the where predicate, since it will do the full scan and hence lock the whole table. Tom, The function in the query act upon 'bind variables', i am assuming this is also treated as a constant.if that returns 0 rows, you are told that the data has been modified -- you need to requery if that returns 1 row, you have the row locked and will be able to delete it and no one else can touch it. If you do not need to inspect the data BEFORE doing the delete, you do not need this logic in general. In your explanation you refered to variant(database column), what do u mean by variant? December 19, 2002 - am UTC meaning the value varies from row to row.

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Do we care if someone tries to update them at the same time ?

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