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Well why not collect the data on your own behavior? If you go on a date and it goes well, do you feel the urgency to go back with him? If you do, fair enough, but at least know that and then track how you feel after. Or do you feel like, DM: On the flip side of that, we're in a cultural moment that says, “You’re perfect exactly the way you are!Give yourself six months when you write every other night or three times a week about what you're feeling: When do you feel happiest? ” Self-improvement or self-help can be seen as blame-y.But I think that pretty much everybody can do with working on themselves a little bit.

There’s chemistry, there’s pheromones, eye contact, physical contact. ”JC: It depends how you leave the first date and it depends what else you have going on.

MC: You write about how young women in college are getting drunk specifically so that they can have sex and then forget about it. JC: I think women crave intimacy, crave relationships, crave love, as do men.

(This isn’t just women.) And I think they think that sex is the price they have to pay.

What if, though, you're single and your feeds are blowing up with friends getting married and having babies, and you really, truly do think that that would make you happy?

JC: It is extremely frustrating if you are in your 20s and you want to embark on having a family, and you're struggling to meet people.

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You think of the hilarity of being involved in amateur dramatics and joining a theater group, right?

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