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From the golems of Jewish lore to Isaac Asimov's Univac to Robot B-9 in Lost in Space we've created machines in the image of our minds or bodies - often both. I come up with a clever line about my background, "My father was a robot, and his father was before him."The women lounged in Maria's white-carpeted dining room in tight jeans and bright t-shirts advertising places like Florida's Gator World and The Happiest Place in Vegas.

Presently, he is working on his new album, “The Snowman.”For his performance in music, he earned multiple Grammy nominations. He appeared in films like “Liberty City: The American Dream,” and “T. G’ Shit: Extended Version.”He receives a lot of money as a salary. Additionally, in 2005, authorities arrested him for being part of alleged shooting in Miami.

Maria passed around cups of dark red tea as the women watched the sexbots struggle with their puzzle. I can identify each biochemical or physical activity, dissect organs, analyze stomach contents and lung capacity, isolate toxins, evaluate liver and kidney health, spot disease, trauma or injuries of any kind.

There was one for each woman, dressed in their own tight jeans and floppy t-shirts, since it seemed ridiculous to keep them in lace and velvet on their day off. Give me a body, I'll tell you how it died, when, and often where.

Because of the rumors at that time that Jeezy was dating Keyshia, Sandra Rose decided to run up on Mialy and ask her what the real deal was with her and the ATL rapper.

My girl Sandra was definitely doing what WE do…dirt!

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He greeted me like a God,” Jeezy, who has endorsed Barack Obama, says. I said, ‘I’m Young Jeezy, and it’s rough out here.’ He blew me off at first. It’s rough out here, so what you gonna do to change it? And he gave me a look back, like, ‘I know.’ ”In other Jeezy news, he’s also branched off into film.

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