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Honoka then claims that Yatarou is to blame for choosing Hinata over her.

She then decides that she'll make Yatarou remember her by cutting off his genitalia with her bloody scissors.

In appearance, he has average build with short messy bleached blonde hair.

It's later revealed in the game his hair was originally silver and that he dyed it when he was older.

Just as they are about to kiss, Yatarou sees a bloody package on the floor.

She begins questioning why Hinata returned and believes that Hinata is there for Yatarou.

That night, Honoka goes to the park and admits to Hinata that she likes Yatarou now.

She has an obsession with the Cinderella fairytale and has revealed her wish to marrying Yatarou.

Honoka is shown to be stubborn but has admitted to have a love interest of Yatarou.

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It's likely she is jealous of Hinata gaining Yatarou's attention and love interest, but has restrained herself and has become passive other the two's feelings.

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