Chinese internet dating scams

Liu was really touch, and was happy to have found such a responsible man.

Jesse told her that he planned to deliver a million parcel to China.

Jesse said that he was looking for a sincere woman to marry him. She was deeply moved when he read poetry to her in English. Jesse referred to her as “my wife,” and Liu felt that she was following in love with him.

Jesse told her, “You are a very elegant woman, you must have received a good education.”Jesse send Liu pictures of her passport and retired military ID. Jesse soon told Liu that he would purchase a home in China in order to make her feel secure.

The victims were scammed out of large sums of money, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Yuan.First, a person claimed to be a United Nations staff member in charge of deliveries asked Liu for a processing fee.Then, another person claiming to be the boss of a delivery company asked her to a payment to help get the package through customs.Jesse claimed that he was a retired senior official from the U. Liu thought that that Jesse seemed very refined from the way that he spoke.Jesse said that he wanted to buy a home in China, in order to give Liu a sense of security.

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