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Life wasn't simple for the mothers, either - they were sometimes judged unfit by child welfare officials based solely on the fact that they had a relationship with an African-American man.

Some Germans condemned the mothers as "negerhueren" - Negro whores.

It wasn't until he began trying to find his biological parents that he discovered his mother was actually a half-German refugee from Poland.

She thought she was leaving him at an orphanage temporarily, and had searched for him for years.

They didn't reveal that she was adopted until she was 12.

And we allowed those children to be abandoned, and people should know that.” For the thousands of children who are now adults and seeking their biological families, time is running out.

Henriette Cain, a "brown baby," from Rockford, Illinois, knows this all too well. She tracked down her biological father, as well, but he died before they could meet.

” Cardwell was a “brown baby” - one of thousands of children born to African-American GIs and white German women in the years after World War II.

Inter-racial relationships still weren't common or accepted among most in the United States or Germany, and they weren't supported by the military brass, either.

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With fathers forced to move way, the single mothers of the African-American babies struggled to find support in a mostly white Germany and were encouraged to give their kids up.

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