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Lets say however that William does finally meet a girl named Virginia (who is blonde and has the biggest breasts in his chemistry class), and they both like reading Harry Potter books, playing computer games and watching the Simpsons.

Something in common at last, but this doesn't mean Virginia is going to give William his first kiss (or run around the bases for a home run).

As that boy gets older William is immediately more attracted to blondes with large breasts.Men want Sex: As boys grow older they quickly learn that seeing a naked woman can be an exciting experience (or outright dreadful depending on the circumstances).Sooner or later they catch a peak at some older boy's porn collection (or even the collection of a man's), or a peak of girls in the girl's gym locker room or some other commonplace event.She doesn't wave back and appears not to care, but her friends giggle spontaneously. He doesn't want to embarrass himself anymore, but he still wants to know why she didn't wave back. Trying to patch things up William decides to try passing her a note.Because he doesn't want to embarrass himself he gets a neutral third party to deliver the note.

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